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When was Checkmate founded?

Checkmate was incorporated in Delaware in July 2015.

Where is Checkmate headquartered?

Checkmate’s headquarters are located at 245 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Cambridge MA 02142. The main telephone number is (617) 682-3625.

On which exchange is Checkmate listed, what is the ticker symbol and when did it go public?

Checkmate’s stock is traded on the NASDAQ Global Market under the symbol CMPI. The company’s initial public offering closed on August 11, 2020.

Who is Checkmate’s transfer agent?

Checkmate’s transfer agent is:

Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions, Inc
51 Mercedes Way
Edgewood, NY 11717
(215) 553-5415

If my address changes, whom should I notify?

If your shares are held in your name, you must contact our transfer agent, American Stock Transfer & Trust, LLC. If your shares are held in street name, you must contact your broker to update your address.

When is Checkmate’s fiscal year-end?

Checkmate’s fiscal year ends on December 31st.

Who are Checkmate’s legal counsel and independent auditors?

Checkmate’s legal counsel is:

Goodwin Procter LLP
100 Northern Avenue
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 570-1000

Checkmate’s independent auditor is:

Two Financial Center
60 South Street
Boston, MA 02111